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Youtube Downloader (Link grabber)
Download Youtube Video

How to work with ETYN's Youtube Downloader

What is Youtube Downloader?

Youtube Downloader is a tool that takes a Youtube link and extracts the link to the actual video (or videos if there are more than one format of the video). Then it either downloads the video itself or provides you with the download link(s) so you can download them manually by using your web browser or download managers.

How does ETYN's Youtube Downloader work?

ETYN's Youtube Downloader needs the link to a Youtube video e.g. or alternatively a Video ID. Youtube Video ID is a 11-character string that can be easily extracted from the link. In the previous example the string "abcdefghijk" is the Video ID.
ETYN Youtube Downloader extracts links to all available versions of a Youtube video and shows available video format, quality, size and download link to each video.

To use Youtube Downloader:

  1. Enter both link and Video ID in the Youtube Downloader input box as shown in the images below:
  2. Youtube Downloader - with Link   Youtube Downloader - with Video ID

  3. Read Youtube's Terms of Serivce and tick the check box if you are agree with it:
  4. Youtube Downloader - Agreement
  5. Click on button and wait while we are processing your request.

  6. When all the links to the video are extracted we show you an image of the video along with the information about the video including available video formats, sizes, video quality and a direct link to download the video:
  7. Youtube Downloader - Results
  8. Select your desired format of the video (the more quality the more size) and click on button to download the video.

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